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Photo Features techniques combine the best of proven processes with cutting-edge technology in going the length to get your custom job done. Our vast array of skills and abilities includes:

C41, black and white, and E-6, and Ortho, processing. Sepia Toning, Slide duplication, Custom Printing, Internegatives, Positives from Ortho, Slides from reflective copy and transparencies, Ortho slides with colour, Single-colour burn-in slides, double colour burn-in slides, high resolution scanning, digital printing, and meticulous photo retouching and restoration. You can rely on our experts!


[ Photography ]

Professional photography for any purpose is available anywhere across Canada in select U.S. Cities with just one phone call. Make an Estimate right now, or request a proposal.


[ Photo Finishing ]

Supreme quality, on-time, and finished to your specifications. Make yourself an instant estimate, or send an e-mail with your request.

Custom Film Processing
Mini-Lab Services
Custom Printing

[ Digital Imaging ]

Photo Features provides an array of services in this arena including scanning, digital printing, and photo retouching and restoration. We also provide proofs from your digital Camera, and can copy your images to CD. You can also get an instant estimate, or send an
e-mail with your request.

Scanning Services
Digital Printing
Photo Retouching & Restoration

[ Copy Work]

Our copy work services include the photographing of flat materials (photos sketches, line drawings, and paintings). We make internegatives and duplicate slides in small or large quantities. Make an instant estimate right now, or send an e-mail with your request.

Copy Work
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